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Classes Every Week

Connect online to take interactive group classes using video conference technology. The Virtual Senior Academy offers a wide variety of Pittsburgh based classes every week.

Variety of Topics

Participate in live classes on a variety of topics or help facilitate a class on an area of personal interest or passion.

Easy to Use

Easy to use platform. No prior computer experience needed. All you need is access to a computer with internet and a webcam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in Virtual Senior Academy?
Individuals 55+ who live in our region with access to a computer, webcam, and internet.

What kinds of classes are offered?
The Virtual Senior Academy is offering a wide variety of classes, at varying times of the day. There are topics to suit a broad range of interests including: Health and wellness, history and the arts, book clubs, arts and music and SO MUCH MORE!

Who teaches classes?
Our facilitators are community members of all ages who are interested and excited to share their knowledge and experience with seniors in our region. We are always looking for new facilitators to present engaging content to our participants!

What are the benefits for joining the Virtual Senior Academy?
Life-long learning Interaction with peers and opportunities for social engagement Expansion of social networks—Meet new people in your area! Increased comfort with technology (it’s easy to use, we promise!)

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